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Ten minutes ago you could see the entire horizon...

Now only the dusk... the first few stars... so dark... so dark...

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Birthdate:Jun 17
Location:Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany
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Moritz never really fit in anywhere.
He struggled in school, struggled at home, struggled with his sexuality, struggled to make friends.
Still, he had his best friend, Melchior Gabor. And in a way, he had Ilse.
But even their best efforts could not keep Moritz from failing out of school, or being kicked out of his home by a tyrannical father.
Not seeing any other option, Moritz tried to take his own life. He fired a shot into the forest to get his courage up, but the gun backfired, leaving him blind.

Now he lives with Ilse ([personal profile] priapia) and the other outcasts, while he attempts to find work and deal with his blindness.

This is an AU from the play Spring's Awakening, by Frank Wedekind, which spawned the Tony Award winning musical of the same name.
I own nothing.
Mun and muse are over eighteen.
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